Setting the right kind of mood at a wedding party might seem like an easy task, given you have speakers and the right tracks. If you think so, you can’t be more wrong. Parties, including wedding parties are a lot more than upbeat music and a set of speakers. You need someone to manage the crowd and lead them to the dancefloor, which is why DJs play at weddings. When you hire a wedding DJ, there are a few things you should know that a wedding DJ is supposed to do. Here’s a list to help you with that.

They’re supposed to coordinate with you

The very first thing you should expect from a wedding DJ is that he tries to know your requirements. In order to make sure the wedding party goes the way you want it to, it’s important that the DJ is interested in your requirements. The DJ should welcome customization. If you’re talking to a professional DJ, you can expect them to be warm and understand what’s in your head for the wedding.

Know the nuances of the wedding

After a DJ builds a rapport with you, they are supposed to ask questions related to the wedding. This could be about the venue and the number of guests you plan to have. This gives them an idea about the kind of equipment they would need to carry based on the venue and strength of people. All of these questions help them figure out how to execute their performance.

Helps you plan the party

Your DJ should help you plan your party. If you have a theme for the wedding, let your DJ know what it is. This helps the DJ plan the music and event around it so that what they play matches with the theme. While planning, you should contribute 50% and seek theother 50% contribution from the DJ. This helps the DJ keep in mind the elements you want while adding their own expertise.

Is time conscious

The DJ should be time conscious and punctual. A good Ottawa DJ wouldn’t make his clients wait when it’s their special day. Setting up the equipment needs time and if your DJ is experienced, he would know the amount of time it would take, which means he will be present at the venue ahead of time to set everythingup. Likewise, the DJ should perform for as long as he promises. It would be a plus if, upon the request of guests, your DJ is flexible enough to play a few extra tracks.

Now that you know what you can expect from an Ottawa DJ for your wedding, hiring the right DJ should be a cakewalk. An online search or asking your friends and family for references should be enough to help you find goodDJs.