Make Your Wedding Extra Special With a VINCENZO PINTAUDI Masterpiece

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful. As a bride-to-be, you have so many things to do to make this a wedding of a lifetime. Choosing a bridal gown is probably one of the most fun yet intimidating part of the preparation. You have to make sure that you look your best on your big day.

            When choosing a bridal gown, there are many to choose from. However, there is one bridal couturier that you should know of. Vincenzo Pintaudi. For BRIDAL COUTURE you should check out this couturier’s masterpieces to make your big day extra special with his custom wedding dresses.

Vincenzo Pintaudi: Melbourne’s Best Bridal Couturier 

            If you are from Australia and you love BRIDAL COUTURE, then you know Vincenzo Pintaudi. He is one of Australia’s most popular bridal couturier. He has worked with Australian brides and celebrities all across Melbourne, Sydney. This bridal couturier is not only popular in his country, but also overseas.

            With Pintaudi gowns, nothing is alike. Every piece has its own distinction since Pintaudi believes that every woman deserves to be dressed in a gown that she can call her own. Vincenzo and his team are working overtime to create beautiful pieces by thinking outside of the traditional style of gown designing.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for 2018 Brides

  • Do Your Research.

    We all know that searching for the perfect gown to wear on your big day has to be the best for you. You can find different styles online. It will be best if you do your own research. It has to be unique and one of a kind. Vincenzo Pintaudi has the best BRIDAL COUTURE that you can choose from. Each gown is different from each other.

  • Your Style Preference

    Always choose a wedding gown that you would feel comfortable wearing. Never choose a dress that is not your style. So it is important that you have decided the theme and the mood of your wedding before you go dress shopping.

custom wedding dresses

  • The shape is Important.

    Remember that not all wedding gowns would fit any bride. You should be able to find a gown that would fit your shape. It is best to talk to an expert to know what kind of style would be best for you.

  • It’s All About The Color.

    White is the traditional color of wedding gowns. With Vincenzo Pintaudi Couture, you can experiment with their custom wedding dresses. If you want to be an exceptional bride, stand out and wear something unique for your big day.

  • Always Be You.

    Your dress should represent you. Do not dress yourself up to please your guests. It will also be best if you can picture out what you will look like on your dress and makeup even before your wedding day.

If you are ready to say yes, don’t hesitate. This should be a perfect day for you. But before everything else, you can contact the best bridal couturier in town, Vincenzo Pintaudi and choose the perfect wedding dress. Be your own and pick the dress that would represent you.