The Return On Investment Is Not Always Monetary


Sometimes, we see only the one side of the story and there is always something else that is involved in the aspect of people trying to figure out what the other aspect is. But most of the time, people do not succeed in that aspect and it is up to the people around them or the person themselves to unravel the truth and then find out the other side of the story and then analyse what the other perspective might be. In that case, everything is left to chance and the very fact of trying to understand what is true and what is not gets mixed up and then becomes a whole problem in and of itself. So if there is something that is being done by a person and there is some kind of a return on that particular investment, it is not the situation all the time that it should be monetary returns all the time. When you buy something for your new born son or daughter from and you think that there will be some sort of roi from that, there will be but it is not in monetary terms but the joy that you get from seeing the baby sleep peacefully from the product that you have bought for him or her is the only return on that investment that you will get and it is worth a lifetime of monetary assets.


The Give And Take

In today’s world, when things seem like they do not make sense and that it will take some more thinking to get to understand that particular thing, then all people would have to do is to make sure that whatever they do, it is not for their own means but for the greater good and that they should make things suitable to live in for their offspring and for their children to live in and make an environment that best suits their interest. When that happens, you can buy the things from for your new born baby whatever you need and there will nothing in your life that would be less selfish than that, to watch your son or daughter sleep peacefully in the new cradle and swing that you have bought for them.


In the end, the only thing that matters is how much people understand each other’s needs and how much they are willing to sacrifice what they believe in, so that they do not end up with the things that make them the most comfortable and feel safe that transfers to them as well as to their offspring as a means of making things work for them.