The Job of a Professional Skin Care Consultant Explained

Somebody whose profession is that of a skin care consultant, is someone (usually of the female persuasion)who is employed by a department store, a cosmetics store, or perhaps even independently.

  • This type of expert consultant provides the best advice and sells makeup and skin care products all based on customers’ desires.

A skin care consultant, is a sales assistant first and foremost, but who must listen to what any customer has to say and what their requests are as much as possible.

Customer Interaction

On a daily basis, the skin care consultant will more than likely have to interact with more than just a few customers. The consultant is responsible for amicably greeting all customers when they enter a store, and then politely asking the customer if they need any kind of assistance with any skin care products.

Every day there is a mix of customers, some who will only need to buy a product which they have used up and want to replace, and others who require more assistance in deciding which type of makeup or skin care is best for them and how to get a clay mask for an oily face here.

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After the skin care consultant gets to know exactly what customers are looking for,she will then have to help them to select the perfect product(s). This may include a range of products and something likemasks, serums, anti-aging wrinkle products, amongst others.

Promotion of Products

Plus,being a salesperson, the consultant may be encouraged to “upsell” to a customer. This means,for example,suggesting an extra moisturising night cream, if a customer came in to pick up a daytime cream, or recommending a second shade of lipstick to go with new eye shadow.

Knowing All There is to Know about Every Product

It is naturally important to try to sell such products without making the customer feel uneasy.

And this is why it is much better to only drop hints with regards to specific beautyproducts which shehonestly believes will be beneficial or of assistance to any customers.

  • It’s in the best interests for the consultant to be extremelywell-informed about allproducts which are being sold, and also be more than ready to answer every question asked by customers.

After customers have made up their mind and selected a product, the consultant will then run the purchase(s) through the cash register and collect the payment.

Working Independently

There are also a number of consultants who work freelanceby way of various catalogue sales. This type of consultant commonly posts catalogues out to friends and relatives, and then hosts a party where products can be sampled before any sale is made.

These kinds of consultants whom work alone by way of catalogues, will often develop a loyal customer base and is often helpful in makingup auseful second form of revenue.