The Iron Man Action Figure: Latest Toy Review

We all have wished to be Tony Stark, the Iron Man of our dreams, somehow somewhere. And there’s no denying that he is in fact the number on super hero everyone, kids and even kids at heart have been idolizing for.

And since everyone is looking up to him, it is no wonder how toy collectors are also crazy about getting the latest iron man action figure that is available in the Marvel store.

Well, you would probably wonder if this crazy collectors wouldn’t have this Iron Man civil war action figure toy. Of course, they would have that safely secured in their closet full of Iron Man’s.

For today’s blog, we are here to take a review on the Iron Man Civil War action figure. Let’s check this out!

The Iron Man Mark 42 

The Iron Man civil war action figure is known as the Mark 42 iron man action figure that comes with a sofa. Well, Iron Man most likely, more often than not, is everyone’s favorite Avenger.

The latest on his civil war collectible collection is the Mark 42. It is capped at the marvel store for originally at $63.30 and on sale for 39.95.

If you are wondering why 42? This is because, Mark 42 is the forty-sixth suit armor made by Tony Stark himself which he had wore during the Iron Man 3 and had also been worn to the fight and battle against Captain America: Civil War. if you have seen the movie, then definitely this iron man action figure will look familiar to you.

Let’s start with the review… 

1 Details

Basically, for this iron man action figure, the sculpt and the proportions are good. It also has gotten really great details on it— including the sofa too that it comes with too.

The pain is simple superb! Metallic paint was the one used for this and it makes the action figure really stand out, and not to mention very real life Iron man.

2 The accesories

The action figure comes with a 3 pair of repulsor effect parts and 3 extra pairs of interchangeable hands. The effects parts may be attached through e peg either on the part itself or otherwise on the hands. However, only the Repulsor Blast hands have pegs on them.

There are also slots at the back most part of the hands of this iron man action figure. Once you switch the hands, you are supposed to detach the small gold plate and attach it to a new pair.

3 Movements

Definitely this Iron man action figure got’s great articulation. This got a ball joint on the upper and lower neck, ball hinge on the shoulders, one at its bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, ball joint wrists, torso pivot, waist pivot, ball hips on up and down hinges, also in the thigh swivel,ankle swivel hinge and pivot, and toe hinge. The should have pads and hinge too. There’s also a hinge on the gold piece of the armour at the back of his hand which allows him to do a proper repulsor blast pose— you know the iconic Iron Man pose.