The Important Things That People Should Know When They Buy An AR 15 Scope

The Colt AR 15 was the successor of the popular rifle called the Armalite AR 15, colt continued the tradition instead of cutting it ever since ArmaLite sold their rights for the AR 15 to Colt. They tweaked the rifle a bit and gave it a new name, the M16 that was very popular during the Vietnam war. It was the popular choice for the U.S. Army troops and for a very good reason, it was the best semi there is.

Today, paying homage to the Armalite AR 15, their updated semi-automatic law enforcement/ civilian version of the rifle was dubbed as the Colt AR 15. From hunters to SWAT teams, from jungles to urban warfare, the Colt AR 15 has been the rifle of choice in these places. Too popular even that other gun manufacturers joined in the craze like Wilson, Panther, Bushmaster, Baer, Olympic Arms and Rock River. Whatever it is that you need semi for, you can never go wrong with the AR 15. Because of this rifle’s popularity, it was a no-brainer that accessories were made for it like a scope.

AR 15 scope reviews

It’s not an easy job: When you talk about scopes it’s all about precision and because of that precision, there had been many scopes devised for various needs and purposes. Too many in fact that if you are inexperienced in these types of accessories you are bound to make mistakes in buying the wrong one. If you don’t know the specific scope that you are going to get, at least have a clear aim on what you want to do with your AR 15 that you want to get a scope for.

  • It can be for game hunting
  • It can be for home protection
  • It can be for self-defense
  • It can be for a contest
  • It can be for law enforcement
  • It can be for practice

There are too many to choose from: Right now there are too many copies to choose from. Sometimes, even if you know what your preferences are if there are just too many to choose from, it’s still going to be a hard choice to make. Luckily you stumbled on this article because this article will help you get what is the best scope currently on the market today. Below are the scopes:

  • ACO (Aimpoint Carbine Optic) Sight
  • 1 x 25mm Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope
  • 4 x 24 mm Leupold 111412 Mark 4 HAMA Rifle Scope w/ DeltaPoint and Flat Top Mount
  • Nikon P-223 3×32 mm Matte BDC Carbine
  • Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2 R/G Dot 1x Sight with Cantilever Ring Mount

Asking the right questions: In case you’re wondering, every one of these scopes has a special purpose, the longest is not always the best and that is also true with photography. In case you don’t have a wide knowledge about the scopes that you plan to buy, if it’s already too late to do some research you can always go to a gun shop and ask the sales people these questions:

  • What is a red and green dot rifle scope?
  • What is the difference between variables and long range scopes?
  • What is the “x-factor” of both budget and high-end scopes?

The Colt AR 15 has always been the rifle of choice for a semi by various people and this is the reason why there are a ton of accessories that has revolved around it. One of the common ones are the scopes, and they are a lot. If you don’t have any first-hand knowledge about these scopes, it’s going to be hard in choosing the right one for your needs. Luckily has some great AR 15 scope reviews for you.