Network marketing is when a group of people who are connected together mostly through the same field and work in such a manner that it is beneficial to everyone. Network marketing is usually done in marketing and sales as it helps grow business at a faster rate.  The type of network marketing in online shopping is not exactly how it is in other fields. In many online websites network marketing is used like an opportunity for customers to gain some kind of benefit. This is a kind of incentive provided to the customers to make sure that they return to the same site for their purchase. Although there are many other factors to consider while making loyal customers in online shopping, giving good offers is the core factor. With so many online websites present that offer similar products, it is only natural for the customers to go back to the site which gives them most discounts. When an online shopping site provides offers that are too good to be true, it is assumed that it is a scam like the trunited scam.

The online shopping websites have reached a level like never before. The various sites that produce simple discounts which just makes the customer spend more than expected due to an illusion of saving money is a concept that is soon fading away. The newer approach allows the customer to genuinely save money and provides many different ways to do so. These websites provide gift cards that can be purchased, it has the provision to buy products online and some may even have the option to book online tickets for holidays. All these options are even present in any common shopping websites but the feature of cash back is what drastically changes the face of online shopping. Along with cash back, customers in network marketing are given incentives when they suggest the website to their friends and family. Options such as these might feel like purchasing in such sites would get you into huge losses because of a trunited scam. It is the human mindset to show doubt when something is unexplainably profiting to oneself which arouses doubt.

Rest assured, these online shopping sites are completely genuine. For each purchase or for each reference made, the customer receives a certain amount of points. Even for tickets booked through the site for a vacation such points are given. The points are then accumulated in the customer’s account and by the end of the month is it turned into cash and paid back to the customer. This helps not only the customer who is saving money but also the people who the site is being shared with. This innovative concept is all inclusive on all levels and is completely transparent unlike normal online shopping websites. The customer gets a complete idea and there is no scope of fake accounts, people tricking you online or situations where you may not receive cash back and realize that the site is a bogus. Such scenarios will never come true with the online shopping site as the sellers are as there is a mutual trust established between the seller and the buyer. Online shopping websites such as these are inclusive of its customers and acknowledge their loyalty. It helps increase the sales of the buyer and aids the customer in saving money which is a win-win situation.