FAQs About Bongs for Beginners

If you are new to the world of bongs, it is normal to be confused. The good news is that you can get ideas and insights from many resources. After all, bong followers are increasing every day.

Before you buy, it is important that you know some basics. This will help you make an informed decision at the end of the day. To help you get started, here are FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about bongs for beginners:

What is bong?

Bong is a filtration device that is used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, and other herbal substances. It aims to cool the smoke before it goes inside the lungs. This is a result of filtering the smoke through the chambers of water and sometimes ice. Bongs come in many shapes, material and sizes. The most common is glass bong.

How to use a bong?

If you want a refresher, bongs actually function in different ways but they generally work by lighting the bowl at the same time sucking in from the top. You need to remove the bowl and stem especially when the chamber is full of smoke. This will allow you to inhale a large amount of smoke quickly.

glass bong

Why consider bong?

There are many methods you can use to smoke tobacco, cannabis and other herbal substances. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preferences. You have to know though that bongs provide a heavier yet smother hit. Pipes and joints are not as intense and rather a bit harsher.

What is the key feature of a bong?

The key feature of the bong is the percolator or the “perc”. This refers to the chambers of waters. The perc cause bubbles when the water comes through it. You must be aware that there are different types of percs like classic, tree, circ, and honeycomb. Whatever the type, the main goal of percs is to break up the smoke, filter it and deliver a smoother hit.

How about a bowl?

Aside from the perc, you should also be familiar with the bowl. The bowl is one of the most important parts of the bong. This is the part where you put your tobacco, cannabis or other herbal substances. The bowl is attached to the downstem, which leads to the perc. As a result, it delivers the smoke right up to the stem and unto your lungs. Simply put, everything starts with the bowl.

What is a downstem?

As mentioned earlier, downstem connects the base of the bong. Basically, it is where you pull the bowl. You must note that there are many sizes of downstem and if you are looking to replace or upgrade your current one, you should identify which size your bong can handle. This is not very difficult because you can see the facts in the product description.

Is there an ice notch?

The ice notch will allow you to utilise ice in your bong. The ice notch is situated from the top or the highest perc chamber. The ice notch is added for an extra cooling element. Many smokers prefer using ice because it will cool the smoke leading to a smoother hit. If it offers smoother hit, it will not feel so harsh.