Cycling Kit to Keep You Safe on the Road

Whether you’re riding a bike for fun, getting in shape or working like a bike courier, and if the day of travel or night, there’s usually only one fact to wonder if it’s in the collision with another road user: the cyclist receiving the brutal treatment. Cyclists are extremely vulnerable road users and for this reason, it is important to accumulate the odds in your favor if you are on the roads yourself. Remember that it is infinitely preferable to avoid or avoid dangerous situations, instead of waiting for the helmet to protect it when it is too late and to head for the handlebars to fall.

 Cycling shirts

The first, above all, is to make sure you are visible. That means wearing cycling shorts that are as bright and loud as you can handle when you hit the road. They may not be very nice or aesthetic, but it does not matter. Make sure everyone who drives within 10 meters of you knows you are there!

For night driving, there’s a selection of light-reflective vests on the market that you can put on your normal bike shirt and reflective velcro strips that you can put on your wrists. These straps are particularly effective in allowing drivers to see you during manual signage at night.

Lights and reflectors

If you ride a bike at night, the important thing is not only the visibility of your clothes but also the visibility of your bike. Always use a lighthouse. In most cases, this is a legal requirement, but it is also common sense. Make sure you have spare batteries in case the ones you use are worn out. It is also essential to use a red tail light so drivers from behind can see you.

There are other pieces of discount cycling kit you can buy and you will not see at night: the projector wheels adhere to the spokes of your wheels and provide better visibility at intersections, where drivers can not get a side view of you; and you can use red light-emitting diodes on your back, which turn on and off to attract the attention of a tired driver.

Bike mirrors

Certainly, it is crucial for your survival as a cyclist that other road users see it, and with enough time to respond to any problematic situation. The second aspect of road safety that every cyclist must take into account is his own knowledge of the traffic.


Cycling helmets

So now you’re sure other road users can see it clearly when you’re on your bike, and you can see where you are going, remember those lighthouses, and if you are nearsighted, never ride a bicycle without wearing your glasses. The last piece of discount cycling kit for any cyclist is personal protection if the most serious case occurs and you are involved in an accident. Wear a helmet! It is much more likely that a collision with a vehicle will survive if you use one.