A Beach Lover’s Guide to Caring Turkish Towels

Summer is the most favored time of the year. Many people love to go to the beach and one essential is Turkish towels or often called hammam. Hammam is made of soft cotton, which makes it lightweight. It is also super absorbent making them dry quicker than any other cotton towel.

It is a product of Turkey. You have to know that Turkey is known to produce the highest quality of cotton products. The cotton is cultivated in Aegean and eastern Black sea regions. Traditionally, hammams are used at Turkish baths but because of its versatility, the world saw many uses.

Many beach lovers find hammam appealing because it takes up less room. Aside from being BEACH TOWELS, hammam can also be utilized as a travel companion, gym sessions, and yoga classes. In fact, it has become a trend in Australia. Securing one or more is not very difficult but you have to take good care of it. Here are some care tips for your hammams:

As soon as securing one, do not use it right away. You have to soak the towels first. Try to soak it overnight or at least for twelve hours in cold water. According to experts, this will preserve the hammam’s absorbency as well as its softness. Basically, soaking can facilitate that cotton fiber as they expand and bloom when soaked.

If you are thinking to soak it overnight or at least for twelve hours every time you wash, the answer is no need. For succeeding washes, you do not need to soak it.

After soaking overnight or at least twelve hours, the next thing to do is wring and hang them. You should consider air dry. You can simply put it in the dryer but the material will be damaged. Just for the first time prior to using it, air dry the towel.

Other instructions
Always remember to wash the towels having the same colors. You know well that if you wash light-colored materials together with dark-colored ones, there will be a blot, which can damage the look of the towels. To increase softness, consider medium heat. If you want to kill the bacteria, add at least a cup of vinegar whenever you are washing. Aside from removing the bacteria, the vinegar will serve as your fabric softener plus it can remove the soap residue.

Whatever happens, do not use bleach because it can damage the quality of the material. Do not use a fabric conditioner. Many people commit the mistake of putting a fabric conditioner. The truth is that fabric conditioner will make your towel less absorbent. As mentioned above, use the natural fabric conditioner – vinegar.

Hammams are not only cotton-made. It can be made from different materials like linen and bamboo. Linens are natural fiber that is also known for its absorbency. The bamboo hammams offer higher moisture absorbency. Whatever you choose, the important thing is you consider it. The price will depend on the size of the hammam but it is not that expensive so do not worry about it.