Why Should You Moderate Your Use of Electronic Tanning Beds?

Electronic tanning beds are big business, and that is because they work. As long as you are not someone with fair skin, then you can benefit from using tanning beds. However, you should not let this sway you from going out in the sun and getting a natural tan. Tanning beds are safe to use ifyou use them moderately. Plus, with the many creams and the advanced technology of electronic sunbeds, the bad publicity that surrounds them is not as bad as people make out.

It is true that older versions of electronic tanning beds did cause a problem with some people’s skin. There are a few factors as to why:

  • People overused sunbeds.
  • There was a lack of knowledge.
  • The technology was not what it is today.
  • People did not use the right creams.
  • Some people did not moisturize after UV exposure.

Being responsible and treating your skin with care will help you prevent any potential problems that could occur for those that like to top up their tan in the winter using electronic sunbeds.

Overusing sunbeds:

If you use a sunbed 2 hours a day almost everyday, this is similar to being out in the sun all day. You need protection. Some people are lucky and have naturally olive skin and need less protection than others. Those that you hear having problems are not those with olive skin. Therefore, knowing your skin type and how much your skin can take while using a sunbed is important.

Lack of knowledge:

One problem in the past is that people did not know about the dangers of UV rays. This includes both from the sun and from electronic sunbeds. Today there is a wealth of information out there on how to protect your skin type. As a result, you should always do your research before spending prolonged amounts of time in the sun or on an electronic tanning bed.

The technology was not what it is today:

These days’ electronic sun beds have all kinds of mechanisms that limit the harmful rays sunbeds can give off. The negative news you hear about today is from people that used an older version of sunbeds that did not have the latest tech built in. This is basically the long and the short of it. Plus, add lack of knowledge, of course, there are people that have skin problems. However, today electronic sunbeds are much more sophisticated.

People did not use the right creams:

This can be paired up with a lack of knowledge and a little of ignorance too. Now people that use sunbeds without the right creams are the same as people that stay out in the too long without the right protection for their skin. At the same time, many people that do have problems with their skin due to the sun or UV exposure are those that did not have the knowledge we have today about the harmful rays of UV.

Some people did not moisturize after UV exposure:

Whether you have used a sunbed or spent time out in the sun, it is imperative that you moisturize. This is even more so the case if you spend long periods of time exposed to the sun. The same applies to when you use electronic sunbeds too. Making sure that your skin is moisturized will help increase your tans effectiveness, keep your skin looking young, and reduce the risk of the negative effects of UV exposure.

Summing Up UV Ray Exposure:

Spending time in the sun or on an electronic sunbed should be done so responsibly. You need to do your research and make sure you know what is best for your skin type. In the past electronic sunbeds where not as advanced as they are today, so as long as you do not overuse them, and you use the right creams as well as moisturizers, then you will negate any negative effects UV rays can have on your skin. Just be responsible, look into what you want to achieve, set yourself realistic goals, and do not overdo it.