The ultimate beginner’s guide to buying bedding

If you are thinking about buying bedding, then you must know in detail about this topic. If you research well enough, you will be able to buy perfect bedding for you. That is why this article will help you to understand some essential aspects of bedding. Click here for Floral Bedding.

The good combinations to be remembered

– For more supple support, choose a mattress and box spring.

– For firmer support, opt for a mattress with springs (or foam) and a slatted frame (provided that the slats not be too far apart).

– For a couple, especially if one of them tends to move during the night, prefer a mattress and a box spring.

– If you suffer from back problems, the mattress should be firm enough, have a thickness between 24 cm and 27 cm, and be associated with a slatted frame.

– If there is a difference in weight with your partner or if you suffer from back pain, choose a latex mattress. Warning: this type of mattress is compatible only with a slatted base.

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Buying bedding is not a trivial matter, so take the time to test several models in-store. To assess the comfort of the bedding, lie down for several minutes in different positions, if possible in conditions closest to your actual use (remove your jacket, your shoes, if you usually sleep in a couple, your partner must also come to try the bedding).

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How much is good bedding?

The average price of a mattress is 600 euros and 1000 euros for a set mattress-sommier type 140 cm x 190 cm. Judging by its ten-year usage period, the cost of new standard bedding is not so expensive. There are also more expensive bedding models (between 1,500 euros and 2,000 euros), with thick layers of upholstery.

When to renew bedding?

Buy your new mattress and box spring and renew them at the same time, every ten years on average. Why? Because bedding wears out, we spend a third of our life in bed, and we move about 40 times a night, a total of 150,000 movements in ten years.

As soon as you start to feel the springs, that the hollows in the mattress are excessive, it’s time to change it. This renewal is also essential for reasons of hygiene: a single person loses 40 cl of water each night; for a couple, the mattress absorbs and evacuates nearly 300 liters of water a year!

Finally, the renewal of bedding is essential because its quality has an impact on your sleep and your health.