Where you can buy Iqos Units and Heets

According to studies, cigarette smoking is one cause of lung cancers that leads to death. It is mark as cause of 87% of lung cancer patients. Aside from lung cancer, it can also cause respiratory illness, heart related problems such as stroke and hypertension. It can also affect your eyes especially when the smoke reaches the eye, it can lead to cataract or glaucoma. As an alternative, you can use iqos cigarettes with iqos heets.

What is an iqos?

Iqos cigarette are also known as “heat without burn” device wherein you can use it as alternative on classic cigarette smoking. It uses iqos heets wherein it is heated and produce a vapor smoke of aerosol. If your thinking just like a electric cigarette, the answer is no. Iqos cigarettes are different than electric cigarette.

In electronic cigarettes, you used a nicotine or non nicotine e juice heating it by producing vapors and it can be in strawberry, blueberry or other fruit flavors. In iqos, it uses an actual tobacco shape called heatsticks. Usually, a cigarette will get burned by 800 degrees celsius heat while in iqos it will only need 350 degrees to be heated.

A customer takes off a filter after trying a Philip Morris’ “iQOS” smokeless tobacco e-cigarette at an iQOS store in Tokyo, Japan, March 3, 2016. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

It is one of the website where you can buy iqos cigarettes. The site is hosted at United Kingdom and uses GBP currency in paying. A classic iqos unit costs 75 GBP while the limited edition is 110 GBP. They also offers heets on different variants such as menthol, mild and strong taste. Each box of 200 heets is costing 50 GBP. Aside from the units and heets, they also sell cleaning units costing 4 GBP for 30 cleaning sticks inside.  For more information you can contact them directly at their website.


When you smoke a traditional cigarette, as you light up the cigarette and you sip the smoke it will travels through your veins. When the smoke reaches your immune system it can cause abnormalities in the future most especially when you smoke from time to time. Smoking is also bad for pregnant women. It can cause birth defects and pregnancy difficulties. As an individual, you are reliable to take good care of your body. If you can quit smoking, the best it is but if you can’t, you can try electronic cigarettes or iqos unit if it is available near to you. You can browse your internet and look for online shop where they sell iqos units near your location.