How to Find the Best Hat that Will Turn Heads

Hats can be worn as a protection against the weather or simply a fashion accessory. Whatever your reasons are for wearing a hat, it is important that you look stylish and comfortable. Finding a hat is not that easy and sometimes it can be a daunting task but it doesn’t mean you have to choose haphazardly.

If you go inside a hat shop and you are not sure what is the best one for you, it is time that you know things about a hat. To help you, here are some tips:

Identify the shape of your face

Before visiting a hat shop, you have to make sure that you already know the shape of your face. Knowing your face shape will play a huge part in the success of choosing the best one.

A. Diamond-shaped face: Diamond-shaped face is described as someone with a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and tapered chin. For the diamond-shaped face, hats with a moderate brim and pinched crown are the best style for you.

B. Oblong-shaped face: Oblong-shaped face is described as someone with a long face and having straight lines from the temple, jaw and the chin. For the oblong-shaped face, hats with a wide brim (like fedoras) are best for you. Do not wear hats that have flat brims because it will only stress the long lines of your face.

C. Round-shaped face: Round-shaped face is described as someone with a wide forehead, rounded chin, and full cheeks. For the round-shaped face, angular hats are best for you. Choose hats with a slanted brim and high crown. Do not wear hats with rounded crowns because it will only emphasize the roundness of your face.

D. Square-shaped face: Square-shaped face is described as someone with wide forehead wide cheekbones and strong jawline. For the square-shaped face, hats with soft designs (like a floppy) or curvy lines (like bowlers) are best.

Hat size

After determining the shape of your face, the next thing that you should consider is your hat size. Hat comes in different sizes. Just like your ring size or shoe size, it is important that you know it so purchasing will be easier. If you do not know your hat size, it is easy – measure the circumference of the head using a tape measure. When measuring, make sure that it is right above your ears and it is not too tight.

In centimeters, adult sizes come in XS (54 cm), S (55.5 cm), M (57 cm), L (59 cm), XL (61 cm), and XXL (63 cm). Kid sizes come in Small/Medium (50-52 cm), Medium/Large (52-54 cm) and One Size (50-54 cm).

Hat material

Hats are made from different materials. The price of the hat will depend on the materials used. In the case of BKLYN Hat, they use fur felt. Fur felts are famous because of its comfort, texture, and warmth. Fur felts are expensive but there are certain furs that are less expensive. There is also faux fur, which is synthetic and considered the cheapest.

With the right outfit and hat, you will surely turn heads.