Why do you need a counselor?

This writing is to help people understand the importance of a counselor in day to day life. Everyone goes through some difficult phase in their lives. Life is not a bed of roses. The journey of life isn’t smooth as you see in those movies. Those are fiction (made up). Every person you meet has some story of hardship and years of struggle to tell you. Likely, you might have underwent a huge setback. Let us assume you did – because that is why you are here. When things go out of hand, it is time to make another important decision of your life – meeting a counselor. This is when you will need the help of a therapist and we, at Life made conscious provide you with all the help that you will need to start over. Let us give you some reasons on why to consult a counselor – learn this here now.


  • Motivation: A counselor is someone who can guide you in achieving your goals. Your goal might seem dull and out of reach due to some major setback in your life. And this is where a therapist or a counselor can come to your rescue. They motivate you – give you hope and help you dream again. The goal that seemed very far away is no more out of reach. Learn this here now.
  • Academic challenges: If you are one among the not so bright performing individuals, life would have always been a villain to you. This is the problem with our grading systems. Only the good grades matter right? So what do the not-so-bright students do? They become the victims of the grading system. These academic challenges are faced in the colleges and universities too. So what do we offer for them? A counseling session that can help you reinvent yourself – by making you understand grades aren’t the only thing that matters.
  • Sense of positive energy – It always feels good when you share something right? It soothes the pain off your shoulders. Sharing your worries help in reducing them too. Keeping all the things that you are feeling to yourself is not a good practice. Leave it to the counselors at Life made conscious and chill. Let us do what’s necessary.

Relationship Adviser

A therapist can also serve as your love guru. If your married life is bugged constantly by some arguments or fights, and if something or the other goes out of control, do not try fixing it on your own – because chances are more that you will screw it up. Instead, leave it to the experts, learn this here now, how counselors at life made conscious can help you stay mentally healthy!