The 3 Types of Pants for Every Man

Every guy must have these three types of jeans for men – so get shopping today if you’re not on board already.

When it comes to dressing well, most of us believe that it is an exclusive domain for men. But over the years, men have also stepped up their fashion game. This explains why terms like ‘metro sexual’ came into being in the last decade. Apart from dressing sharp, men are also investing in looking and feeling good. They use a variety of skin and hair products, and they also go for regular massages and spa treatments.

But many men still remain woefully clueless about the fashion staples that they simply must have in their wardrobes. Chief among these are denim jeans. That’s right – despite the profusion of cotton trousers, cargos, chinos and other kinds of bottoms you might have in your wardrobe, there are simply no replacing denim jeans for men in your daily life. They might seem too casual to you, and maybe they are, but how you team them with other clothing and accessories makes a big difference. Unless your line of work specifically forbids wearing jeans at the workplace, there is really no reason why you can’t rock a pair of jeans at work, too.

Here are our picks for the 3 types of jeans for men that you absolutely must have:

  1. Skinny fit jeans. Every year, there comes a phase when the fashion police sound the death knell on skinny jeans for men and women. But the style is robust enough to withstand all opposition – it has been around for over five years now, and it continues to go strong this year as well. So if you were about to donate your skinny jeans, don’t (unless they don’t fit you anymore). Or if you have never worn skinny jeans before, this is the time try on your first pair. Levi’s Jeans make some really snazzy skinny jeans, so open your shopping app and look for some cool colours today.
  2. Dark denims. Most men frown upon wearing denim jeans for men to work- or business-related dos. But this is where it gets interesting – pair dark fitted denims with a checked or plain full sleeved shirt, and throws a blazer on top. Now step back and admire how efficient and work-oriented you look. Dark denims are a must in every man’s wardrobe, because they transition seamlessly from work to casual wear. When you want to wear a pair of fitted Levi’s Jeans on a date or a night out with friends, simply swap your formal shirt for a relaxed half-sleeved tee and trade in your brogues for light sneakers.
  3. Regular fits. It is all very well to buy skinny jeans for men or fitted denims for work. But there is also the issue of body confidence. You may have gained a bit of weight in recent months, and you might be self-conscious about your pudgy mid-section. Or you might be skinny to begin with, and you fear that skinny jeans will elongate your lower limbs even more. Stop worrying – just grab a pair of regular fit jeans for men. These have a straight cut and you need not worry about the jeans exposing the shape of your legs.

That’s our list of Levi’s jeans and other types that you must buy. Go on, step out looking really stylish while feeling really comfortable, too.