Which beard styles are in fashion this year?

Beards have been in and out of fashion for centuries, but today they have settled down as a staple of male grooming and are more widely accepted than ever.

Here are a few of the hottest beard trends which are taking the world by storm in 2018 to give you a bit of inspiration for your facial fuzz.

Stick with stubble

If a full beard is too difficult to grow, or not quite in keeping with your neat and tidy look, then some carefully cultivated stubble will be the best option if you do not want to opt for a close shave. Stubble has the added benefit of being straightforward to keep in good shape; you just need an adjustable beard trimmer set low. Plus you can usually grow enough stubble to create a new look in two or three days and get rid of it if it does not float your boat.

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Go for a goatee

Goatee beards got a bit of a bad rap in the early 2000s, but they are back in style this year and are the perfect choice for anyone whose facial hair is too patchy to grow a bigger, thicker beard. The main downside of a goatee is that it is tricky to keep in check since you’ll need to both trim your cheeks and keep the length of the long hair around your mouth and chin consistent on a daily basis.

Flash the tache

Going for a standalone moustache is so 2014; this year you will need to blend this in with a shorter beard to be totally on-trend.

The idea is to keep a thick swathe of hair on your upper lip, then reduce the length on the cheeks and chin so that the moustache is accentuated without being the only feature of your face.

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Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you do not need to be able to sprout vast amounts of facial hair to be able to experiment. Get growing and see what fits.