How to Rock the Joggers Look

Joggers are the new style statement. What started as a comfort wear soon took over the ramps. Now you’d see all the celebrities rocking joggers everywhere. That’s how it has become quite popular among the ordinary crowd as well. There’s just something about joggers that it can rarely look wrong or out of place. However, joggers would look flawless when paired with the right kind of clothes and appropriately accessorized. Here’s how you can wear joggers to pull off the best of looks.

The casual look

Joggers are the best when it comes to the chilled-out look. They strike the right balance at being both comfortable and stylish. If you go for a causal outing or you’re up for traveling, you can totally wear joggers. Joggers are mostly baggy which is a clear indication that when you go for a casual look, you have to wear slim fit t-shirt. Also, the best kind of joggers would be the ones with tapered bottoms. This look can be kept really minimal and still would look very aesthetic. Just a well-fitted t-shirt, joggers, and a pair of basic trainers would do the deed for you.

Rock the Joggers Look

The fall look

Just as comfortable as joggers are during the summers, they are amazing to be worn during winters as well. They would protect you from having Goosebumps and also look stylish. However, while you pair them with sweaters, you have to follow certain rules so that you don’t get it wrong. Sweaters are loose and you can’t expect them to be a perfect skin tight fit. This is why you should pick a pair of joggers that are not baggy. A slim-fit pair of joggers would be the best. If a sweater and a pair of joggers make you feel too casual for a place, you can add a jacket to your look. Make sure the shoes you wear are not bright.

The formal look

A lot of people wonder if joggers would be okay to achieve a formal look. The answer is yes, but it is tricky. You can find formal joggers that are made of fabrics and patterns that are used to tailor pants. Colors, like black and grey are the best to go with. You can even get checked joggers for this purpose. Pair this with a well-ironed shirt and tuck the shirt in. Wearing a blazer would complete the formal look. As obvious as it is, you should be wearing formal shoes with this combination of clothes.

For the casual look, you can even add a cap to make it look more laid-back. You can shop for them online or even hit the stores and pick best joggers for yourself. The best thing about joggers is you can go causal-formal, which isn’t quite possible with other outfits. Make it a point to wear funky colored shoes only when the purpose is really casual. If the shoes scream loud colors, it would limit your scope of wearing joggers to places.