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When trying to analyse what things work and what things do not work, there is always something that happens in order to prove that everything else is wrong. But what if there was something wrong with the established order and what if one day the women were to deal with things in the world and not the men. What would happen then? If things do not function the way that they are supposed to, then there is some point in talking about them. But if there is a change in the entire system then it is a problem. Woman taking over as leaders of the world is not a thing of amazement and something cannot happen.

 They are completely capable of doing things on their own like buying clothes that suit their interests and not falling of the ‘click here’ annotation on the link page that beckons them to their favourite apparel. That kind of a notion is not there in a woman and sometimes, it can be a good thing as well as a bad thing and sometimes, it is the good things that should be focused on and not the ones that are bad. In the case of a woman’s ideology towards what she is wearing is something of a topic that should be discussed in elaborate terms as that brings up many of the cultural and social agendas that need to be addressed before we move on to the aspect of woman liberation.

Ideology Before purchase

Every once in a while, there would be something along the way of the world that would make things very difficult for the people that live in it very hard to do things without any sort of aid. It is especially true for woman and who are considered the inferior division of the human race. If only women had more control over the things that actually controlled them, then there would be a lot more ideas that could be circulating in the world. If a woman were to choose whichever dress she wanted from the website that offered the options that they can choose from and the ‘click here’ options would be made so much more convenient.


How does one decide that things will not work the way that it should? How do we make things the way that they were meant to be? How does one simply defy the things that were meant to be? All these questions beg the simple answer of, simply doing things that make us who we are and doing things for what we believe in and not take things the wrong way everything they are presented.