Fashion for the Shorter Man

Fashion is much easier for men if they are tall, but what about the shorter men who love fashion? There are thankfully more designers looking to cater to the shorter man. Whether men are looking for shirts, trousers, jumpers or other clothing, there are many designs to choose from.

Some types of clothing look wrong on short frames, such as cropped trousers, over-sized shirts and other items that swamp the body or cut off too high at the leg. However, there are many modern styles that look great on short men.

Trouser Length

Trouser length is, of course, a problem for short men. Most trousers for men come in lengths of 32 inches or above. For short men, it is likely that a 30-inch leg would look and feel better. On the other hand, the trend for cropped trousers can also look odd on a shorter frame. Cropped trousers are not cut in the same way as full-length trousers, so they look wrong as the knee is still in the wrong place.

Shirt Sleeves

It is not only trousers that are the problem. Shirt sleeves that come past the fingertips cannot simply be rolled up if you want to look smart. Similarly, shirts that are always too long will always need to be tucked in, which hampers style choices. Properly fitted clothing is always on trend, and thankfully there are fashions that do cater for the smaller man.

For example, it is possible to get clothes shaped and tailored to fit a smaller frame from online designer-wear stockists like Whether you are looking for men’s designer shirts or full suits, you should be able to find the perfect item at a specialist online store.

Fitting and Hemming

In addition to finding the right style and length of clothing, it is also possible to find a tailor to alter the clothes you do like so that they fit properly. Getting a seamstress or tailor to alter your clothes need not cost the earth. It is also a good idea to learn to hem so you can alter the length of trousers yourself easily.

With more choice, designer clothes that cater for shorter men, new fashions and the ability to hem and sew your clothes to fit, there are more choices than ever for the shorter people.