Bead making is a fun-filled activity where you can even earn by making jewellery made out of it and start a small business eventually. A lot of bead makers start their project by making colourful necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings and other fashionable jewellery.

Bead making is simply a hobby which is widely practiced by female enthusiasts and if you interpret it culturally and traditionally, there are different meanings with bead making in different countries varying of the region.

Before, there are only a few types of beads that you can make into jewellery, mostly made out of wood, small shells, or small precious stones but today, there are several types that you can add to your lists like bugle beads, chatons, Rivoli, crystals, delica, faceted, flat backs, gemstones, and even pearls.

For those who are not what beads are, it is a small decorative object or ornament which is formed in various shapes and sizes which are usually made out of stone, bones, shell, glass, wood, pearl, or plastics which has a small hole that can be threaded or stringing, and beads can come in various sizes.

When it comes to the beads components, it comes with different materials, while the earliest beads were made out of natural materials just like we have mentioned above, which were gathered, drilled and shaped to make a distinctive design. In the early age of man, beads have become a fashionable trend for a lot of civilization, a lot of royalties and people who are in the higher level of society before. The more intricate the bead jewellery is, the higher the person is in their status in the society. Beads have various meanings for those who are wearing it, it is not just a fashion accessory that is why bead making is very popular with a lot of people around the world, in fact, there is an industry solely dedicated to making beads and it is a very competitive industry especially in the sector of fashion.

In the modern-day manufacturing of beads, the most common materials being used is glass, metal, stone, or wood. There are two types of materials used in bead making, the natural and the synthetic.

The natural materials are those that comes from naturally occurring materials which are mainly organic like an animal, or in plant-based origin while the inorganic materials are made up of minerals like crystals or precious stones that are subjected to routinely undergo some processing beyond the mere shaping and the drilling processes like the enhancement of the colour, or irradiation. The organic materials can be identified as bones, coral, ivory, seeds, or shells and wood. The most popular beads that are made into jewellery is the pearls which are considered the ultimate precious beads that comes from a natural origin. It is considered the most precious type of natural bead because of its rarity.

Synthetic materials, meanwhile, are made up of ceramics or glass. It can also be in metallic of origin like bronze or brass, or any type of metals that are ideal for jewellery making. However, metallic beads are vulnerable to the exposure of oxidation which makes it lesser to be preserved and can suffer from rusting over time.