3 Tips to Record Fashion Videos that Look Great

Whether you’re looking to record a video showcasing a particular outfit or look, or of a fashion show of sorts – recording fashion videos that look great can be challenging. That being said it doesn’t take an expensive camera or professional equipment to pull it off, and you just need to adopt the right approach.

If you want to make sure your fashion videos look good, here are a few tips that could make a world of difference:

  • Plan out the video in your head

Even if you’re shooting a somewhat impromptu video, take a moment to plan it out in your head. Think about what you want the video to show, and whether there are particular aspects that you want to focus on – then figure out how best to frame the video so that it highlights those elements.

At first this may not be easy, but if you get into the habit of outlining your video roughly it will become second nature soon enough.

  • Hold the camera steady and pan by moving your body

To ensure the quality is good, you should try to keep your camera as steady as possible while recording the fashion video. Be sure to hold it in both hands and keep your elbows by your side.

If you have to pan the frame at any point, move your body rather than just your hands – so that the motion is more even and less jerky.

combine videos

  • Get close instead of zooming

Sometimes you may want to focus on a particular fashion item or accessory, and it can be tempting to ‘zoom in’ on it. That is generally a mistake as using digital zoom will immediately lower the quality of your video.

Instead of ‘zooming in’, get closer to the subject if you feel you’ll want to focus on a particular fashion item, so that you can forego the zoom and still do so.

While these tips will help you to record better footage for your fashion video, it is important that you tweak and improve it while editing as well. If you’re worried about how complicated that will be, you can give Movavi Video Editor a try as it will simplify things tremendously.

Using Movavi Video Editor you can combine videos, or split them into parts and trim out unwanted segments to create your final fashion video. After that you can make other alterations as well and improve the quality, apply special effects or filters, add captions, include background music, insert animated transitions, and much more.

Simply put the scope of Movavi Video Editor is extensive enough that you should be able to edit your fashion video until you’re satisfied that it looks just right. More importantly you won’t need to have any prior experience to use it, and if you want you can get started right this very moment and just try it out. When you do you’ll be able to see for yourself how easy it is to edit your videos with its help.