Roles In The Kitchen Explained

We all know there are plenty of people working in a professional kitchen. They are usually dressed in quality restaurant uniforms, because no matter their role, a staff who looks good, usually ‘cooks good’ too.We know there’s the head chef, and then there’s other chefs as well and a guy who washes dishes..But what are they all called and what are their responsibilities?

Executive chef

This is the boss. Plain and simple.Typically, he or she has over 10 years of experience but that number is rapidly shrinking. They are first in the kitchen and the last to leave. This is the goal every cook is working towards but it’s not all so glamorous as it may appear. The side you often don’t see is the admin one. They must deal with balance sheets and income statements as well as sweet talking investors. Another perk is checking bathrooms are clean and changing lightbulbs. But they also get to be completely in charge of the menu and vision for the restaurant which really does make it all worth it.

Corporate chef

An executive chef can often own more than one restaurant when they become successful, so, they have far too much on their plate to oversee everything that needs attention. This is where the corporate chef steps in. They are given the responsibility to handle the catering and events as well as consistency through all restaurant menus. They really do hold it all together.

Chef de cuisine

This is not commonly known to most people but the Chef de Cuisine is a vital part of any professional kitchen. With 10 years’ experience or so, they are the backbone of the kitchen staff, providing encouragement and correction when need be. It is their responsibility to test new recipes, order ingredients when required and keep tabs on all the moving parts in the kitchen machine.

Sous chef

Your Sous Chef is directly in charge of the line cooks. They have about 5 years’ experience and are manages all the miseen place (service prep). They have some day when it comes to the menu and can suggest new ideas for dishes and flavor profiles. They work a full day from morning preparing for lunch and then afternoon preparing for dinner until the last dish is cooked.

Pastry chef

Well, as the name would suggest they are in charge of all the pastry i.e. desserts.With total control, they decide what’s on the menu as well as hiring their pastry cook and pastry assistant. Their personalities tend to be that of a perfectionist and have great planning skills, as timing is everything when it comes baking. They also are responsible for the breads and have a good idea of the savory menu.