Fastest Ways to Increase Muscle Size

After a certain period, every body builder reaches a stage where they need to consume steroids to obtain faster and bigger results. It helps them to increase muscle mass, strength and fastens the recovery time. The results of steroids start showing within a short period of 2 weeks to one month. Some users report of the fastest steroid transformations while others take some time to see the results, the results depend upon the tolerance level of the user, exercise regimen and the intake of nutritious food. The results also depend upon on how well the user stacks the steroid cycles and the dosage of the steroid.

Generally there are two cycles in a bodybuilding regimen – cutting and bulking. In cutting cycle the main aim is to lose weight, by working out to lose fat. In bulking cycle the aim is to increase the muscle size and strength. This is where the steroids often come into play as the natural testosterone produced in the body can lead to only a limited number of gains in the given period. These steroids are anabolic and give faster results. Some of the best options to get the desired results are Testosterone, Dianabol, Anadrol, Trenbolone, Human Growth Hormone and Deca Durabolin.

Testosterone is the best anabolic steroid that is great for the beginners and is the most effective in showing results. It works by helping the body to block the hormones that have negative impact on the muscle tissues. It reduces the pile up of fat and at the same time protects the muscle from breaking down during the workouts. It also increases protein synthesis which has a positive effect on increasing the muscle mass in the body.

Fastest Ways to Increase Muscle Size

Dianabol is the most sought after steroid by body builders. It was created with the purpose of enhancing the performance of athletes at competitions but is also effective in gaining muscle. The anabolic properties of Dianabol boost nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and glycogenolysis in the body leading to some of the fastest steroid transformations.

Anadrol was initially developed to treat anaemia but it slowly gained popularity among bodybuilders as it has some properties that improve the muscle growth. Anadrol can be stacked with other steroids like Deca Durabolin and Trenbolone for better results in the bulking cycles. The results of Anadrol are generally visible in as little as six weeks.

Trenbolone can be used in both the cutting and bulking cycles. It has three beneficial properties that enhance the performance of this steroid.  The presence of double bonds in the ninth and eleventh atoms of Trenbolone results in its slower metabolism by the body which means it stays in the body for a longer period of time. It also leads to a decrease in aromatization, a process where testosterone is converted into Estrogen. These factors make Trenbolone an effective steroid to achieve higher gains.

The users have to remember that though these steroids offer great gains, they also have serious side effects on the body. Buying steroids is illegal in many countries and are not available without prescription. The only way to buy these steroids is to buy them in the black market. But it has its own set of drawbacks as the genuinity of the steroid cannot be guaranteed in the black market. Another option available is to use the legal alternatives of these steroids manufactured by some companies. These alternatives are legal to buy and are available online. They provide the same results as the steroids without any side effects.